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Managed Services

Let Central Valley IT Systems manage your technology initiatives and ensure that you get full value from your IT investment!

You invested in technology to support your business, not the other way around. At Central Valley IT Systems our primary goal is ensuring that you are getting the maximum value from that investment.

To achieve that goal we’ve developed a set of Managed Service offerings designed to help you not only maximize your technology investment, but to help get that technology out of your way so that you can get back to the thing that is most important to you; growing your business.


Remote Monitoring

You would change a tire before it goes flat, wouldn’t you? Often there are indications that something is about to fail, often long before the problem is visible to the user.

Remote monitoring allows us to proactively monitor your technology, reducing response time when there is an issue (often we can resolve issues before you are even aware of them), and allowing us to show you exactly what issues you’re experiencing when they arise.

Proactive monitoring also allows for accurate forecast of hardware replacements and capacity planning, reducing unexpected expenses caused by hardware or capacity limits. Getting an accurate picture of day to day usage of your technology assets is critical to upgrade and replacement planning.

Patch management

A few years ago small business owners could set up a new computer and leave it on autopilot for the next few years. As technology has become more and more intertwined with our connected world, that practice has led to more than a few high profile data breaches.

Today technology vendors release what seems to be a never ending stream of patches to the operating system, applications, and hardware. If you have more than two or three computers, keeping up to date with these patches can quickly turn into a full time job. Most small businesses cannot afford to dedicate an employee simply to keeping current with patches, and patch management systems can get incredibly expensive for just a few computers.

Hiring a provider to manage your patching is smart for a number of reasons beyond the simple cost. Not only does keeping your technology updated protect your business, increasingly the patches themselves cause as many problems as they solve! The May 2018 Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” is a perfect example of this. In May Microsoft released several patches that were marked as critical (meaning that if you have automatic updates turned on you got them for sure), which also broke networking for thousands of customers. A good Patch Management process will evaluate patches across thousands of customers before installing them, preventing a patch from interrupting your business operations.

Managed anti-virus

Anti-virus software is an absolute requirement for modern businesses that use any sort of internet connected technology. The open architecture of the internet has created an ecosystem that is ripe for exploitation (which also explains the increasing stream of out of band patches from technology vendors). Many people make the mistake of thinking that anti-virus software is “set it and forget it,” only realizing the folly of that misconception once their computer has become part of a botnet or is turned into a spam factory.

Managed anti-virus solutions allow all computers to be monitored and updated with the most current anti-virus definitions on a schedule much more frequent than manual updating. A well maintained anti-virus solution is probably the single most important thing you can do to protect your technology investment.

Managed anti-malware

As computer security companies have gotten more aggressive in their identification and prevention of viruses, the bad guys have set off a sort of virtual arms race. The increasing instances of worms, rootkits, spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, and backdoors has fostered the need for protection against things that aren’t traditional computer viruses. These malware tools are increasingly being used as the payload of viruses in an ever increasing in complexity blended threat.

Anti-malware software has been the response from the good guys. A good managed anti-virus and anti-malware solution is the best protection you can install on a connected computer.

Managed backup

Backup is the last thing you want to “set and forget.” Verified backups are absolutely essential to ensuring that your business can survive catastrophic data loss. A good backup can be the difference between a rough day or two, and the permanent closure of your business. The engineers behind Central Valley IT Systems have spent decades working in the backup domain and are truly experts at data protection.

Every one of us has been on the phone with a customer that has lost business critical data, and we have been able to help most of them get that data back. The ones we couldn’t help? They didn’t actually have a good backup of their data, and every one of them thought that they did.

The actual backup is only the first step of the backup process. The backup must be then be verified (through a restore) and safely archived for that backup to be of any use in an emergency. Let the experts at Central Valley IT Systems manage your backup and get the peace of mind that only decades of experience can bring.

Virtual CIO

A very wise man once said that no man can know everything, and that is especially true when it comes to technology. The principals at Central Valley IT Systems have decades of experience across a diverse set of technologies and industries. We have built careers helping others use technology to solve business problems.

We can act as a Virtual CIO for your business, bringing that experience and expertise to your organization’s technology infrastructure. This is an especially valuable service for small businesses which often cannot afford the kind of salaries that technological expertise commands.

We can help you develop a technology roadmap for your company and help steer you to solutions that are the right fit for your needs and budget. Leveraging the right technologies can bring amazing value and competitive edge to your business. Having a trusted partner that can guide you to those technologies can be an invaluable tool.